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Fall Frolicking Cupcakes



Each cupcake or cookie serves 1.


Fall Frolicking Cupcakes - Easel


Step 1

In advance: Make fondant leaves. Add 2 teaspoons Gum-Tex to fondant. Divide fondant into 6ths. Tint medium and dark shades of yellow, orange and red. Roll out 1/8 in. thick and cut about 125 assorted leaves using oak and maple leaf mini cutters. Let dry on smallest flower former. When dry, use red and green FoodWriters to add veins on either side of leaves. Also: Make cookie people.

Step 2

Prepare roll-out cookie dough and tint various skin tones. Cut using Gingerbread Boy cutter; cut 1 easel for each using pattern. Bake and cool cookies. Decorate with royal icing. Use tip 3 to outline and fill in shirts, pants and shoes; pipe outline fingers (pat smooth with fingertip dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 2 swirl, zigzag or pull-out hair, outline eyes, outline and fill-in mouths. Let dry. Attach easel to back using royal icing. Let dry.

Step 3

Bake and cool 24 cupcakes. Ice smooth using spatula. Position 2-3 leaves on each. Position people on stand and surround with cupcakes. Position additional leaves.

* Combine Golden Yellow with Lemon Yellow for yellows shown. Combine Red-Red with Christmas Red for reds shown.