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Fairy Tale Wedding Castle Cake

Use our Romantic Castle Cake Set and a Mini Tasty-Fill Cake Pan Set cake to create a castle cake topper. Make the Sheet Pan cake appropriately marvelous with blue Color Mist Spray and a border of iced star cookies.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bake and cool 24 star cookies using smallest star cutter. Make extras to allow for breakage. Tint color flow icing using Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow colors.

Step 2

Using tip 3, outline and flow in color flow icing on star cookies. Let set. Tint a portion of color flow icing using a touch of Rose and Violet colors. Place 1 medium and 4 small turrets on cooling grid. Cover with thinned icing using a cut parchment bag. Let set.

Step 3

Cut a cake board the size as the Tasty-Fill™ cake. Cut a hole in the center the same size of tower diameter.

Step 4

Ice 1-layer 11 x 15 in. sheet cake and Mini Tasty-Fill™ cake in buttercream icing; color mist top and sides of sheet cake using Blue Color Mist™. Position Mini Tasty-Fill™ cake on sheet cake.

Step 5

To make towers to be inserted into cake more stable, attach plastic dowel rods to bottom of towers as follows: For 4 small towers, cut 1 1/2 in. dowel rods.

Step 6

For 1 medium, cut 4 in. length. Stand towers upside down, attach cut dowel rod to base of tower with melted candy. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 7

Outline door and tower windows using tip 3 and blue buttercream icing. Attach 4 small towers to sides of the castle and insert medium tower into top, securing with dots of buttercream icing.

Step 8

Pipe tip 8 clouds around base of castle. Add tip 5 message to cake top. Pipe tip 19 zigzag puff bottom border. Attach star cookies to cake sides using dots of icing.

Step 9

Position figurine; attach turrets to towers with icing. Sprinkle top of cake with Cake Sparkles™.

*Brand confectionery coating.