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Fairy Tale Beginning Cake

A castle scene on a Book Pan cake depicts the start of a young princess’ journey. Use our patterns, fondant and piped icing to build the kid-friendly kingdom.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Step 2

Prepare and cover top of cake with 4/5 of 1 pk. of rolled fondant. Reserve a small ball of white fondant. Ice cake sides and comb with Decorating Comb. Let set.

Step 3

Combine remaining fondant with 1 pk. fondant. Divide in thirds and tint 1/3 light green, 1/3 dark green and 1/3 yellow. Using patterns, cut out castle, tree, landscape and edge trim pieces. Position edge trim pieces on cake. Curl corner of page with a dowel rod; attach a piece of reserved white fondant on rolled top edge. Paint outer edges with brown icing color to achieve "antique" look.

Step 4

Position remaining pattern pieces on cake. Trace scroll pattern on edge trim pieces; pipe scrolls with tip 3. Pipe tip 47 smooth side up bricks. Pipe tip 4 bead flowers with tip 3 dot centers. Outline castle and pipe in windows and door with tip 3. Fill in turrets with tip 14 stars. Pipe tip 352 flags.

Step 5

Pipe tip 21 zig zag bottom border; add tip 12 bead border on top of zigzag. Pipe tip 8 bead top border. Pipe tip 3 white bead border to trim page edges. Print tip 2 message. Position topper.

Note: Orange, Red-Red and Brown Icing Colors were mixed to achieve brick shade. Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow were mixed to achieve yellow shade.