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Expecting the Pitter Patter Cupcakes

Pink or blue? One of each? It´s easy to celebrate the arrival of both. Change icing colors, baking cups and set a baby shower table to welcome the newest arrival.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes in pink and blue Pastel Baking Cups. Cool completely on Cooling Grid.

Step 2

Prepare Buttercream Icing recipe. Ice cupcakes fluffy with angled spatula.

Step 3

Spray cupcakes with pink and blue Color Mist™ Food Color Spray.

Step 4

Tint buttercream icing pink and blue. To decorate booties on cupcakes, use round tip 12. Beginning at toe end of bootie, pipe a ball with heavy pressure, hold tip at a 45º angle as you move toward back of foot, then bring tip straight up to finish. Indent top of booties with finger dipped in cornstarch. Use round tip 2 to add zigzag cuffs and sting bow to booties.