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Every Year's A Gift Cake

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Difficulty: Medium
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Step 1

A week ahead, knead 2 pks. fondant together, divide in 4ths and color green, violet, rose and yellow. Cut 16 bow loops 9 in. x 1 1/2 in. wide. Brush a small amount of water on the end, fold the length in half to form a loop.

Step 2

Pinch ends together to secure. Cut 96 dots using the small opening top tip 2A. Attach 6 dots to each loop with water. Set loops on sides to dry. Cut out gift tag and let dry.

Step 3

Prepare 2-layer cake by icing lightly in buttercream icing. Knead 2 pks. fondant together, roll 1/8 in. thick and cover cake in fondant. Smooth with Easy-Glide Fondant Smoothers.

Step 4

Cut four 9 x 1 1/2 in. ribbons, 1 of each color, and attach to cake with damp brush. Cut 20 dots using the small opening to tip 2A. Attach 5 dots to each ribbon with a damp brush.

Step 5

Cut 20 dots using the small opening to tip 2A. Attach 5 dots to each ribbon with a damp brush. Combine the leftover fondant with 1 pk. of fondant, knead together, roll out and cut approximately 50 hearts in each size using the 2 smallest cutters.

Step 6

Attach small hearts on top of large hearts with dots of water and randomly attach to cake with a damp brush. Roll approximately 60 marble size balls out of fondant and attach to bottom border.

Step 7

Make 5 hearts on wires: Cut 9 in. wire lengths. Stack small and large hearts and secure with water. Attach wire to back of heart with small piece of fondant. Let dry.

Step 8

Position flower spike in center of cake. Twist ends of heart wires together, and place in spike. Arrange bow loops on cake top, securing wit dots of buttercream icing.

Step 9

Write tip 1 message on gift tag in buttercream icing; position on cake top.