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Enchanted Castle Cake


Step 1

For People: Use royal icing and Royal Character Pattern. Pipe faces and costumes with tip 3; arms and hands with tip 2, fingers and facial feature with tip 1. Add tips 3 and 13 hair and plums. Let dry.

Step 2

Attach lollipop sticks to the outside of sugar cones. Cut flags out of fancy Candy Wrappers. Tape onto toothpicks.

Step 3

For Castle: Position square and mini loaf cakes together. Ice top and sides smooth. With toothpick, mark Windows & Doors Pattern on square cake Cover marks with tip 3 strings. Fill in windows with tip 3 zigzags. Cover door with tip 47 ribbed stripes. Trim door with tip 3 outlines and fleur-del-lis.

Step 4

Ice ice cream cone cakes smooth on cake boards cut to fit. With toothpick, mark window pattern and trim. Outline windows and trim on bottom of cone with tip 3 strings. Fill in with tip 3 zigzags. Cover trim with tip 47 smooth stripes.

Step 5

Position ice cream cone cake atop mini loaf cakes. Pipe tip 47 smooth stripe windowsills and bricks around door (alternate lengths as shown) and randomly on walls. Attach mini marshmallows on roof with toothpicks to make parapet. Outline marshmallows with tip 3 strings. Pipe tip 789 smooth stripe bottoms with tip 3 pull-out dots. Add tip 3 string tassels. Print tip 3 messages.

Step 6

For Turrets: With royal icing, pipe tip 3 strings on sugar cones (following cone's diagonal lines). Insert toothpick flags into openings on end of cones. Push cone into cake so that sticks go into mini loaf. Edge base of cones and cake top with tip 2 bead border. Edge castle base with tip 47 shell border.

Step 7

Position people into windows.