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Elmo's the Birthday Baker Cake


Step 1

In advance: Prepare foamcore base board. Use Elmo pan and hat pattern as guides for top portion; bottom will be a 10 x 17 in. rectangle. Cut then wrap with foil.

Step 2

Also: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out cookie dough. Use Push 'N Print Set to cut 7 "Happy Birthday" cookies. Use patterns to cut 2 hands. Bake and cool cookies; decorate with royal icing. Place hand cookies on waxed paper-covered board; cover top and sides with tip 16 stars. For "Happy Birthday" cookies, use tip 2 to fill in letters and outline edges (leave 3 undecorated).

Step 3

Bake and cool cupcakes. Ice smooth with buttercream. Use tip 3 to add scalloped border. Position icing decoration in center.

Step 4

Bake and cool Elmo cake and 1-layer 11 x 15 in. sheet cake. Pipe in mouth, nose, eyes and pupils with tip 3 (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch); add tip 3 smile lines. Cover face with tip 16 stars. Position cake on prepared board.

Step 5

Cut sheet cake to 8 x 15 in.; prepare and cover with fondant. Position sheet cake on board below Elmo cake..

Step 6

Roll 3/4 in. diameter fondant balls for bottom border on sheet cake; attach with dots of icing. Pipe a tip 3 spiral in buttercream icing on each ball.

Step 7

Roll out a small amount of fondant 1/4 in. thick; use pattern to cut hat base. Position against top of Elmo's head. Roll out a portion of fondant 1/2 in. thick; use pattern to cut hat top. Shape and position on board.

Step 8

Prepare Elmo's decorating bag with icing, tip and coupler; twist top closed and secure with a rubber band. Position bag, hands and cookies; attach to cake top with icing.