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Easter Egg-spress Cake

Candy shell train cars filled with molded Easter candy cargo make a sweet add-on to this 3-D Train Cake.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance, mold a variety of Easter candy without lollipop sticks using Hoppy Easter Lollipop Mold and Light Cocoa Candy Melts. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 2

In advance, make candy shell train cars, using largest egg mold from Easter Egg Set (use mold half with flat bottom) and White Candy Melts. Refrigerate until firm; unmold

Step 3

Ice side window area of train cake smooth with spatula. Cover cabin, chimney and lower engine area with tip 17 yellow stars.

Step 4

For rounded engine area, alternate rows of tip 17 white stars with tip 17 zigzags in green, violet and blue. Add tip 17 swirls on top of chimney and front of engine; pipe tip 17 zigzags on cabin roof.

Step 5

Pipe tip 17 string cowcatcher. Pipe tip 12 ball bunny head; add tip 7 pull-out ears and dot muzzle, tip 2 dot eyes and nose, tip 1 outline whiskers.

Step 6

Turn candy car shells flat side down. Tint melted white candy violet and yellow. Pipe zigzag and dot designs using melted candy in cut parchment bag.

Step 7

For engine and car wheels, in buttercream, pipe tip 17 swirls on vanilla wafers (6 green, 4 violet, 2 blue) and oatmeal cookies (2 violet).

Step 8

On car wheels, pipe a white candy mound on back; let set. Attach wheels to candy cars with dots of melted candy and to engine with dots of icing; attach candy sticks to engine wheels with dots of icing (prop with sticks until set).

Step 9

Place shredded coconut in plastic bag with a few drops of green icing color; knead until color is evenly blended. Fill candy cars with coconut and Easter candies. Position candy cars behind train. Sprinkle coconut around train.

Step 10

To make candy shells: Fill pan or mold to top edge with melted candy. Tap on counter to remove air bubbles.

Step 11

Let chill in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes or until a 1/4 in. shell has formed. Pour out excess candy, smooth top edges with spatula and chill for 15-20 minutes longer.

Step 12

Carefully unmold shells (if you have difficulty removing shells, place in freezer for 2-3 minutes, then unmold). Excess candy can be reheated and used again.