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Easter Chirpers Cookies

Bake up some egg-tra special cookies this Easter. You’ll love decorating our tiny chicks peeking out of their eggshells with our Easter 3 pc. Cookie Cutter Set, and Violet, Rose and Sky Blue Icing.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cut and bake cookies.

Step 2

Use tip 2 and full-strength yellow icing to outline chicks.

Step 3

Use tip 2 and thinned down yellow icing to fill in chicks.

Step 4

Use tip 2 and full-strength white or full-strength violet/rose combination icing.

Step 5

Use tip 2 and thinned down white or violet/rose combination icing; let set.

Step 6

Use tip 2 and 3 to pipe dots, lines, wavy lines and swirl details.