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Driver In Training Pants Cake

The cruiser cake pan drives this first birthday cake design. Make the baby with a roll out cookie head topped with an ice cream cone hat. The wheels are made of candy and the trunk is filled with fun baby favors.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Make cookie head. Prepare dough; roll out and cut cookie using largest round cutter from set. Bake and cool. Ice smooth in copper. Using tip 2, pipe dot nose, outline ears and eyes. Outline and pipe in tip 3 mouth (pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Also: Make 4 candy tires. Melt cocoa candy and tint black. Place largest round Cut-Out on waxed paper-covered board. Fill 1/4 in. deep; refrigerate until firm and unmold. And: Prepare foil-wrapped pieces. Use pattern to cut windshield from cake board; wrap. Use melted candy to attach lollipop sticks to back of each end, leaving 3 in. extended to insert into cake. Cut cake board to cake shape; wrap. Wrap craft block.

Step 2

Bake and cool cake using firm-textured batter such as pound cake. Place on wrapped board; position on wrapped craft block. Trim off top of car. Using melted candy, attach tires to cake sides. Using buttercream, ice passenger area smooth. Use tip 4 to outline car details; cover with tip 16 stars, overpiping wheel wells for dimension. Add tip 12 headlights and hubcaps (pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 2A outline bumpers and running boards (pat smooth). Cut lollipop stick to 7 in. Using melted candy, attach stick to back of cookie head, leaving 2 in. extended above head; insert in cake top. Position jelly ring steering wheel. Using buttercream, pipe tip 12 outline arms, tip 5 pull-out fingers and tip 3 outline shirt. Insert windshield; cover with tip 16 stars. Cut sugar cone to 3 in. for hat; ice smooth. Slip hat over extended stick on top of head and attach with melted candy. Use tip 3 and buttercream to pipe outline number, pull-out pompom and brim. Position baby blocks and rocking horse behind head.