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Dress-Up Couple Cereal Treats

Have a ball dressing these cute characters in their winter finery. Use the Snowman Comfort Grit Cutter to cut your shapes and craft the clothing from tinted candy clay.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Make cereal treat recipe and press into buttered 8 in. pan. Use cookie cutter to cut out snowmen. (Note: Spray cookie cutter with vegetable oil cooking spray for easy release.) Set aside.

Step 2

Make 1 recipe of candy clay. Let set. Break off a pea-sized piece of candy clay and tint orange. Break off two 1 in. diameter balls of candy clay; tint one yellow, leave one white. Divide remaining clay into fourths; tint green, rose, blue and violet.

Step 3

Roll out candy clay between two sheets of waxed paper, 1/4 in. thick. Use craft knife and patterns to cut out desired clothing. Attach clothing to snowmen with melted candy. Pipe facial features and designs on clothing with melted candy in cut parchment triangles. Roll out pieces of orange fondant for noses and attach with melted candy. Roll out yellow fondant and cut fringe with craft knife for broom bristles; attach to pretzel stick with melted candy.

†Note: One recipe makes approximately 6 snowmen.