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Do Your Name Proud! Cookie Plaque

Personalized cookie nameplate. Cut rectangle from cookie dough, make desired letters using our 101 Cookie Cutter Set and Alphabet Mold. Attach letters to cookie with melted candy and your guest will be elated with the special touch.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

For 3-letter names, cut 1 3/4 in. high rectangles of Roll-Out Cookie Dough, 3 in. wide; add 3/4 in. more to width for each additional letter.

Step 2

For easel backs, cut 1 1/4 in. square cookies; cut diagonally in half to make 2 for each cookie. Cut large initial cookies using letter cutters from 101 Cutters Set. Bake and cool all cookies.

Step 3

Tint melted White Candy Melts® using Primary and Garden Candy Color Sets. Mold smaller letters 1/2 in. deep in Alphabet Mold. Cover initial cookies with melted candy. Attach letters and easel backs to cookie plaques with melted candy.