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Dino Celebrates the 1st Birthday Cake

It’s always a party when a balloon-holding Dinosaur Pan cake shows up. Turn Ball Pan cakes into colorful balloons using piped icing stars and curling ribbons.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bake and cool dinosaur cake and 3 mini ball cakes.

Step 2

Decorate dinosaur cake: Ice background areas and sides of cake smooth. Using tip 4, pipe eye and nostril, smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Outline body and facial features with tip 4. Pipe lines for belly and under side of tail. Fill in body with tip 16 stars. Add tip 4 piped claws, spikes and pupil, smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Attach confetti to sides of cake. Pipe tip 21 shell bottom border.

Step 3

Decorate balloon cakes: Using tip 16, cover ball cakes with stars. Cut curling ribbon into 3 lengths. Position balloons; attach one end of ribbon to each balloon cake and one end to dinosaur cake.

Step 4

Decorate hat: Cut cake board into triangle 3 in. high by 3 in. wide. Cover board in Fanci-Foil Wrap. Spatula ice smooth. Using tip 4, pipe number on cake. Using tip 16, pipe pull-out star pompon and zigzag trim. Slide 2 lollipop sticks into side of dinosaur cake at top of head. Pipe a small amount of icing on tip of each stick, rest hat on top of sticks. Support with large marshmallows if needed.