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Delightful Downpour Mini Cakes


Step 1

In advance: Make fondant flowers. Roll out fondant 1/8 in. thick and cut 3 flowers for each cake using forget-me-not cutter from Flower Making Set.

Step 2

Move flowers to thin foam and soften edges with dogbone tool; move to thick foam and cup with small end of dogbone tool.

Step 3

Let dry in small flower formers dusted with cornstarch. Roll small balls for centers and attach with damp brush.

Step 4

Bake and cool jelly roll cake. Cut individual cakes with cutter; cut each in half.

Step 5

Prepare for poured fondant. Follow recipe instructions for covering cakes and let dry.

Step 6

In buttercream, outline cakes and pipe umbrella ribs with tip 2. Attach flowers with buttercream; add tip 349 leaves.

Step 7

Roll a 3/4 in. diameter fondant ball and insert at end of lollipop stick. Insert stick in bottom of cake.

Step 8

Using 10 in. pieces of ribbon, tie a matching color bow on each stick.