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Delicate Trellis Cake

Make an eye-catching presentation. Pipe ruffles on a trio of cakes, top each with a flower-filled Crystal-Look Bowl, and display the grouping on our Garden Cake Stand.


Difficulty: No Reviews



Cake serves 156.


Step 1

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth.

Use Cake Dividing Set to divide cakes: divide 8 in. cake into 16ths, 12 in. cake into 24ths (divide into 12ths then divide in half again), 16 in. cake into 32nds (divide into 16ths then divide in half again).
Pipe alternating tip 126 and tip 103 ruffles along division marks, holding wide end of tip against cake so that ruffles stand up.
Pipe tip 2D star bottom borders on all tiers.

Step 2

At reception, position cakes on cake stand. Add flowers between tiers in Crystal-Look Bowls.

*Note: The top tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the top tier.