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Dedication To Mom Cake

Cultivate a tantalizingly textured treat for Mom. Surround a cake covered in quilted fondant with a lush bed of gum paste roses shaped with a tulip cutter from our Floral Collection Flower Making set.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance, make 100 gum paste rose petals: Tint ½ recipe gum paste rose; roll thin and cut with tulip cutter from flower making set.
Cut petals apart, keeping them covered as you work. Place one petal on foam, roll edges thin and curl with modeling stick.
Place on cornstarch-dusted flower former to dry overnight. When dry, grate chalk through tea strainer and brush lightly on petals.

Step 2

Tint reserved gum paste ¼ green and ¾ rose. Following flower making set instructions, make a full rose with an extra row of 9 petals, using rose gum paste. Let dry.

Cut green leaves following instructions; let dry.

Prepare and cover 2-layer cake (bake two 1½ in. high layers for 3 in. high cake) with fondant. Score lattice pattern, 1 in. wide, on sides with pizza wheel.

Pipe tip 3 bead bottom border. Position petals around base of cake. Add tip 2 message.

Wrap florist wire with tape for stem; attach wired leaves with florist tape. Position stem and rose.