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Dandy Candy Tiers Cake


Step 1

Cover pillars with wrapping paper. Prepare 2-layer cakes for pillar construction. Edge separator plate on 12 in. tier with tip 17 scallops.

Step 2

Using Cake Dividing set, dot mark 8 in. sides into 8ths; 12 in. into 12ths. Connect marks with tip 21 white zig zag garlands (skip 2 or more front marks on 8 in. side depending on length of name.)

Step 3

Trim garlands with 4 rows of tip 3 zig zags in coordinating colors.

Step 4

Break candy sticks into 2 in. pieces for sides of 8 in. cake. Position sticks between garlands.

Step 5

Edge tops with tip 21 zig zag borders; bases with tip 21 rosette borders. Trim rosettes with tip 3 dots.

Step 6

Attach candy trims with dots of icing. (Change candy-trim number to any age.) Position candle. Assemble 8 in. cake on pillars.