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Daily Planner Cake


Step 1

Tint 2 pks. fondant black: Knead in 4 packets of pre-melted chocolate and add a small amount of confectioners' sugar to hold shape. Add 3 1/2 bottles of black icing color and knead until blended.

Step 2

Tape together two 13 x 19 in. cake boards and wrap with foil. Trim another cake board to 11 1/2 x 18 1/4 in. and cover with rolled out black fondant; smooth. Reserve remaining black fondant.

Step 3

Cut cake in half down center "binding" area. Position halves on separate boards, cut to fit. Ice smooth and comb cake sides, using wide-tooth edge for page effect. Position cakes on fondant board. Cut and position white fondant on book halves; smooth.

Step 4

Tint portions of 1 pk. fondant gray, green and blue. For center of binder, cut a gray strip 8 1/2 in. long x 1 1/8 in. wide x 1/4 in. thick. Position between halves. For month divider, cut and position two gray strips, 1/2 in. wide, to fit around pages at each end. Cut and position thin pieces of green fondant to fit around month divider and on planner pages. For binder rings, roll five grey strands, 3 in. long x 1/8 in. wide; shape into curves and let dry. Using pattern, cut and attach binder tabs with water at center binder. Trace ring openings with knife; insert binder rings. Using pattern, cut zipper pull from gray fondant; cut holes with small openings of tips 9 and 1A. Roll logs of fondant for pens, using real pens as a guide. Shape 1 x 1 1/4 x 1/8 in. thick pen holders, attach to pens with water and position.

Step 5

For borders of planner, cut two 30 in. long x 1 in. wide strips of black fondant and attach on edges of fondant-covered board with a damp brush. For zipper teeth, pipe tip 2 pull out dots in buttercream. Pipe tip 1 green ledger lines. Add words and numbers, using tip 1L for smaller printing, tip 2 for larger printing.