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Cute Quilt Cake

“Sew” a quilt by using a Cutter/Embosser tool to imprint stitch lines on colorful fondant squares. Layer on white-fondant squares displaying motifs created with Baby Cake Stamps and Brush-On Colors.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Ice 1-layer cake smooth. Cover top with a 12 in. white fondant square. Cut nine 4 in. quilt squares: 2 each in blue, pink and green, 3 in yellow.

Step 2

Attach to cake top with damp brush. Immediately imprint stitching lines, 3/4 in. apart, with ridged wheel of Cutter/Embosser.

Step 3

Cut white squares for each section using large square Cut-Out; attach.

Step 4

Stamp designs using Baby Cake Stamps and Brush-On Color.

Step 5

For top border, cut 3/4 in. wide strips in all pastel colors; cut 1/2 in. slits for fringe; cut 1 in. pieces of each color and attach.

Step 6

For bottom border, twist two 1/4 in. diameter ropes and attach.