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Cupid's Mousse Cake

This unusual combination is sure to impress and Wilton’s Heart- Shaped Springform Pan is key to your success! A hidden center cake and spiral cake sides make it both tasty and imaginative.


Difficulty: Difficult


Step 1

Prepare sponge cake recipe, pour 3/4 of batter into jelly roll pan and remainder into square pan.

Step 2

Bake according to recipe directions. Immediately after baking, roll larger jelly roll up tightly in towel (rolling shorter sides) to measure 15 1/2 x 1 1/2 in.; let cool.

Step 3

Cut heart shape from square cake, 1/4 in. shorter than springform pan.

Step 4

When large jelly roll is cool, unroll and spread with strawberry jam. Re-roll, wrap in plastic and freeze until firm enough to cut.

Step 5

Cut large jelly roll into 1/4 in. wide slices; line sides of heart springform pan with slices.

Step 6

Press the heart cake into the bottom of pan. Prepare mousse.

Step 7

Fill springform pan to top with mousse and smooth. Let set until firm.

Step 8

Unmold cake from springform; lift from bottom with spatula; garnish with strawberry slices.