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Cupcake Celebration Cake

One party treat celebrates another, when cupcake-shaped Sugar Sheets! designs surround this colorful round cake! Coordinate the celebration by serving your own baked cupcakes.


Difficulty: Medium



Cake serves 20

Techniques Used


Step 1

Bake and cool two-layer cake. Place on foil-wrapped cake circle. Ice cake smooth with buttercream.

Step 2

Using Rotary Cutter, cut 13 strips, 5 long x 1 in. wide, from Light Pink and Bright Pink Sugar Sheets! Attach vertically to cake sides with piping gel.

Step 3

Using cupcake cutter and black FoodWriter, trace shape on the back side of Sugar Sheets colors. Using Rotary Cutter, cut out four light green, two bright blue and two light yellow cupcakes. Using matching color FoodWriter markers, draw lines on each cupcake cup. Using the cupcake cutter and black FoodWriter, trace eight shapes on the back side of White Sugar Sheets! Cut out shapes using Rotary Cutter. Cut off tops and attach over colored cupcakes with piping gel.

Step 4

For cherries, use punch with Small Circle Cutting Insert to cut eight circles from Red Sugar Sheets! Attach to cupcakes with piping gel. Using tip 2 and piping gel, pipe swirls on icing portion of cupcake. Sprinkle with white Cake Sparkles. Set aside two green cupcakes and attach remaining cupcakes to cake sides with piping gel, centered between bright pink strips.

Step 5

Using Rotary Cutter, cut three strips, 10 1/2 long x 2 in. wide, from White Sugar Sheets! Using border punch with Bubbles Border Cutting Insert, cut bubbles border. Attach to top edge with piping gel. Attach confetti sprinkles to the top border with piping gel.

Step 6

Using piping gel, attach two remaining green cupcakes together with lollipop stick in between. Let dry. Insert in cake top, trimming stick as needed.