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Crowned Heads Cookie Pops

Make the first birthday celebration a royal event! Round cookie treat pops decorated with candy melts make the perfect treats for the every princesses and prince at the party.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Tint dough copper or brown. Prepare pan and press in dough and cookie sticks following pan instructions. Roll a 1/4 in. diameter ball of dough for each nose and place on cookie sheet. Bake and cool.

Step 2

Tint portions of melted white candy yellow, pink, violet and green using candy colors; tint portion of melted cocoa candy black. Mold crown candies using painting method; refrigerate until firm. Using melted candy in cut parchment bags, pipe black string mouth, eyes and lashes. Add pink dot cheeks and bead heart lips. Attach noses. Add a few drops of water to light cocoa and black candy to thicken; pipe swirl hair. Immediately position crown candies on hair. Refrigerate until firm.