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Crispy Heart Treats

Two great flavors in one! Each 3-D treat starts with a crisped rice cereal muffin-shaped base. The molded candy lollipop can carry your love note or be used as a party place card.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

To make base: Mold crisped rice cereal treat mixture 1 1/4 in. deep in muffin pan. Unmold and place large side down on cooling grid positioned over waxed paper. Divide white candy melts in half and tint one half pink with color from candy color set. Cover treats with melted pink candy; let dry and repeat process. Immediately coat sides of treat with hearts sprinkle decorations; let set.

Step 2

To make lollipops: Melt red candy, place in cut parchment bag and use to pipe in dots and outlines on hearts; refrigerate to set. Fill pink heart first with melted candy; refrigerate until set. Fill remainder of mold with melted white candy, position lollipop stick and refrigerate until set. Unmold immediately after set.

Step 3

Insert lollipop into base. Cut 1 x 2 in. note card, print message, punch hole and attach to lollipop stick with ribbon.