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Crescent Overlay Chocolate Fondant Cake

It’s easy to make an amazingly delicious chocolate fondant-covered cake using easy-to-handle Wilton Decorator Preferred Fondant. The crescent overlay pattern, formed with Wilton Double Cut-Outs Set, looks complicated but is easy to achieve.


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Step 1

Make cake. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool cakes. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Stack and fill for a 2-layer cake, 4 in. high.

Step 2

Cover cake with fondant. Use spatula and buttercream icing to lightly ice cake. Cover cake with chocolate fondant. Reserve remaining chocolate fondant.

Step 3

Decorate cake. Use fondant roller with blue guide rings to roll remaining chocolate fondant 1/16 in. thick. Use third smallest [1 5/8 in.] round cut-out to cut five circles at a time.

On parchment paper or clear area of mat, arrange four circles in two rows of two so they form a square. Place round cut-out over center of the square and cut a crescent shape from each circle.

Use damp brush to attach the four crescent shapes to the fifth circle, aligning outer edges. Store under clear sheet of storage board. Repeat until you have 32 bases with four crescents attached to each, rerolling fondant if necessary.

Use damp brush to attach layered circles to cake, starting at the bottom edge and spacing circles about 3/4 in. apart to complete bottom row. For center and top rows, stagger and attach circles in the spaces between the circles in the previous row.