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Crazy in Love Cake Pops

It’s sure to bring a smile to everyone on Valentine’s Day when they receive these wacky cake pops. Add tinted coconut to pops with Candy Melts Candy® to create wild hair designs.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Prepare 24 cake balls following recipe. Chill.

Step 2

Tint coconut rose. Tint candy pink.

Step 3

Insert sticks. Dip in candy and follow recipe directions.

Step 4

Coat cake ball in pink melted candy. Roll in coconut; chill.

Step 5

Attach eyeball icing decorations with candy.

Step 6

Roll out black spice drops and cut into mouth shape; attach to pop with piping gel.

Step 7

Cut cardstock for tag; print message. Punch hole in card and tie to pop with curling ribbon.