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Covered in Cute! Cake

Quilt a baby blanket. Use Cutter/Embosser to cut 3 in. quilt squares from light and dark fondants. Use mini cutters to cut out center designs in one light square and one dark square. Switch same-shape centers for a two-tone inlay effect. Repeat until there’s enough squares to cover a Sheet Pan cake.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

2 days in advance: Prepare head using fondant from Multi Pack. Roll out pink fondant from Multi Pack 3/16 in. thick. Use Comfort-Grip Cutter to cut head, wide end of tip 2A to cut ears; trim 3/8 in. off one side and attach using damp brush. Set on waxed paper-covered board dusted with cornstarch. Roll tiny ball nose (reserve remaining pink for hands), tiny black balls for eyes, 1/8 x 3 in. long log for smile; attach using damp brush. Tint small amount dark pink and roll out. Cut cheeks using narrow end of tip 2A; attach. For girl: Cut pacifier base using wide end of tip 8; roll tiny ball for tip. For bow, shape 2 loops from 3/8 in. balls; roll 1/4 in. diameter ball for knot. Assemble pacifier and bow and attach to head. Let dry. For boy: Roll thin log 3 in. long; shape into curl and attach. Let dry.

Step 2

Girl’s Cake: Bake and cool two 1-layer sheet cakes. Position side-by-side on foil-wrapped base board. Ice smooth. Prepare for Stacked Construction. Tint fondant: 54 oz. dark pink, 36 oz. light pink. (Reserve 18 oz. dark pink for #1.) Roll out 1/8 in. thick as needed.

Step 3

Use Cutter/Embosser with straight wheel to cut 3 in. squares (18 light, 17 dark); leave squares on mat. Use mini cutters to cut out center designs in 1 light square and 1 dark square. Switch fondant pieces and smooth edges with fingertip for 2-tone inlay. Repeat, making 4 or 5 of each design in each color.

Step 4

Attach squares to cakes, alternating colors and designs. Begin top row 1/2 in. down from edge; last row should end 1/2 in. from bottom edge. Use Cutter/Embosser with ridged wheel to make stitching marks 1/4 in. from edges.

Step 5

For fringe, cut two 1 1/4 x 15 in. strips. Use scissors to cut 1/8 in. wide slits, 7/8 in. deep and attach. For blanket hem, cut two 3/8 x 15 in. strips. Attach at top of fringe with Piping Gel.

Step 6

Boy’s cake: Prepare blanket. Tint fondant: 54 oz. dark blue, 36 oz. light blue. (Reserve 18 oz. dark blue for #1.) Follow directions above for girl’s cake to cover board with fondant blanket. Attach pieces using Piping Gel.

Step 7

Bake and cool #1 cake. Position on cut-to-fit cake board and ice smooth. Roll out reserved dark fondant 1/4 in. thick. Press into cake pan to shape #1; remove and trim edges as needed. Position on cake top.

Step 8

For hands, begin with 3/4 in. balls of reserved skin tone fondant; flatten and shape, cutting slits for fingers. For sleeves, roll 1 in. diameter logs, 1 1/2 and 3 in. long. Cut opening in end of sleeve; insert and attach hand using damp brush. Attach arms and head to cake top (support head with ball of fondant). Pipe tip 8 name. Position #1 cake on blanket; pipe tip 6 bead bottom border.

* Note: For boy’s cake, we used Sky Blue instead of Rose, and animal cutters instead of geometrics. Blanket squares are attached to base board without sheet cakes.