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Cookie Pop Kid Cookie

Angelic figure-piped Cupid holds a ready-made heart-shaped icing decoration. You could also personalize each Valentine’s Day cookie by substituting a conversation heart candy with your special sentiments. A great idea for wedding and baby showers too!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Cut out heart shapes from cookie dough. Insert sticks, bake and cool.

Step 2

Pipe tip 12 ball head in copper, flatten with finger dipped in cornstarch.

Step 3

Pipe tip 104 wings in white. Pipe tip 5 body in rose.

Step 4

Add tip 2 beads in copper for feet.

Step 5

Position icing decoration and pipe tip 2 arms and hands in copper over heart.

Step 6

Add tip 2 dot and string facial features in black.

Step 7

Add tip 2 dot cheeks in copper.

Step 8

Pipe tip 2 swirls for hair in brown.

Step 9

Add tip 3 scallop edge in pink.