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Come Join This Circus Cake

Everyone will want to Come Join This Circus! Figure-piped icing clown are lounging around the big top on this crowd-pleasing birthday cake. (Adjust the number of servings by adding, or subtracting, the number of white-iced bottom cakes used.)


Difficulty: Medium



Step 1

Bake and cool Wonder Mold cake, 1-layer 12 and 14 in. cakes and 2-layer 8 in. cake.

Step 2

Trim base of Wonder Mold cake to create 5 1/2 in. high cake. Ice rounds and prepare for stacked construction. Lightly ice Wonder Mold cake.

Step 3

Using Cake Divider Set, divide Wonder Mold into 12ths at bottom edge of cake.

Step 4

Insert a lollipop stick into cake top for a guide; using the edge of a ruler, mark vertical divisions on cake by lining up stick with division mark at bottom edge.

Step 5

Cover division areas with tip 18 stars, alternating icing colors.

Step 6

Divide 8 in. cake into 4ths. Using tip 16 strings, pipe curtains between division marks, allowing 1 in. open space at center top edge of each.

Step 7

Pipe tip 125 ruffle at bottom edge of Wonder Mold cake. Using tip 18, pipe star top and bottom borders on 12 in. cake and top border on 14 in. cake.

Step 8

Add tip 21 star bottom border on 14 in. cake.

Step 9

Cut flag from construction paper and tape to lollipop stick, insert into cake top. Pipe tip 6 name, position candle picks.

Step 10

Using tips 32, 5 and 3, figure pipe circus clowns insert clown heads.