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Colorful Baby Candy

Delicious tinted candy centers reveal if baby is a boy or girl! It’s great to give as a gift to grandparents or serve at a baby shower. Mold baby candy using Candy Melts candy and Primary and Garden Candy Color Sets.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Melt white candy following package directions and tint pink, green, blue and yellow using candy color sets,. Mold BABY wording using "painting" method. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 2

Melt light cocoa candy following package directions and fill background of baby word. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 3

Fill mold halfway with white candy. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 4

Pipe baby gender color in center of candy to within 1/8 in. of edges. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 5

Fill in remainder of mold with light cocoa candy. Refrigerate until firm and unmold.