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Clowning 'Round Cupcakes

Clowning Around cake is ready to be the star at your next birthday party. A few simple lines and easy decorating techniques are all you need to change a star shape into a chubby circus performer!

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Make fondant hats. Tint portions of white fondant and shape into 1 in. cones; let dry. Draw designs using FoodWriter™ markers in various colors.

Step 2

Candy Faces: For clowns, tint white candy skin tone using Orange from Primary Candy Color Set or use Light Cocoa Candy Melts® for ethnic skin tone. Refrigerate until firm and unmold.

Step 3

Place faces on waxed paper-covered board and decorate facial features using melted candy in cut bag.

Step 4

In addition to colors already used, you will need pink (tint white candy with Pink from Garden Tone Candy Color Set.

Step 5

Attach hats and 4 in. lollipop sticks to faces with melted candy. In royal icing, pipe tip 14 pull-out star fringe on hats; let dry.

Step 6

Mold various color candy stars, 1/8 in. deep, using medium Star Cut-Out on Non-Stick Jelly Roll Pan; sprinkle stars with Colored Sugars and let set.

Step 7

Ice half of cupcakes smooth in buttercream; pipe tip 127 ruffle collars and insert clown pops (cut sticks as needed).

Step 8

Cover remaining cupcakes with tip 1M (2110) swirl; sprinkle with colored sugars and position candy star.

Step 9

Position cupcakes on Standard Cupcakes 'N More Dessert Stand.