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Circus Cat Cake

No lyin’, this Circus Cat deserves to be in the center ring! Easy-to-decorate cake-on-cake design feeds up to 44 hungry birthday party guests!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Ice petal and half ball cakes smooth. Position ball cake on top of petal cake.

Step 2

Pipe tip 21 pull-out star mane on sides and top of petal cake.

Step 3

Ice 2 vanilla wafers smooth for ears, trim bottom slightly and attach to cake with icing.

Step 4

Roll out chocolate nougat candy for nose and mouth, attach flattened jelly disc cheeks and candy-coated chocolate eyes with icing.

Step 5

Cut waffle cone to 4 1/2 in. high; ice smooth with tube icing.

Step 6

Using star tip from tip and nail set, pipe pull-out star pompom; using round tip from set, pipe number.

Step 7

Position hat and pipe zigzag brim with star tip from set.