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Chocolate Wonderland Gingerbread House

Talk about home makeovers! Chocolate Wonderland starts with a Pre-Baked Gingerbread House and “remodels” it by coating the pieces with melted candy. Dipped pretzels are used for the shingles…shredded coconut provides the snow!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Trim cake board to 12" x 12" for house base.

Step 2

In advance, dip 90 mini pretzel twists in melted Candy Melts. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry on waxed paper.

Step 3

Mold 14 truffles (6 for door and 8 for windows). Mold 10 mint discs, 14 Christmas trees, 2 snowmen, 1 star and 2 gingerbread boys. Refrigerate all until firm; unmold.

Step 4

In advance, place gingerbread pieces from kit on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet. Pour melted candy over pieces to completely cover, let dry.

Step 5

Assemble house according to package directions, attaching pieces with melted candy in cut parchment bag.

Step 6

Use melted candy to attach pretzels as roof shingles beginning at edges.

Step 7

Attach additional pretzels over eaves and on peak. Attach truffles for door and windows.

Step 8

Add star above front window. Cut mint discs in half and attach around base of house.

Step 9

Pipe scallops and dots around door and windows using melted candy in cut parchment bag; let set.

Step 10

Attach 2 tree candies together with melted candy to make 7 trees.

Step 11

Attach Candy Melts wafer to bottom of each tree, snowman and gingerbread boy for base.