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Chocolate And Roses Cake

An adult’s only Easter egg! Chocolate and Roses cake gives a traditional 3-D holiday shape a more refined look by adding a candy-based ganache coating and candy clay roses and leaves across the top.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Using candy clay make 9 roses: one 7 petal, six 5 petal, two 3 petal.

Step 2

Roll-out remaining candy clay and cut approximately 12 leaf shapes using shape knife or scissors.

Step 3

Add vein lines to leaves with toothpick. Set aside.

Step 4

Ice cake smooth in buttercream icing, let set. Cover with ganache, let set.

Step 5

Measure 2 1/2 in. up from bottom of cake.

Step 6

Using remaining ganache (reheat if necessary), pipe tip 2 drop strings and dots, then pipe a double row of tip 3 scallops and dots.

Step 7

Pipe tip 4 bottom bead border.

Step 8

Attach roses and leaves using dots of ganache.