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Chilly Choo-Choo Cake

All aboard for some good eating! Use a Choo Choo Train Pan Set cake as the engine, and a Loaf Pan cake as an ice-cream car. Load the car with scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream and cherries.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Decorate Train Engine: Using buttercream, pipe tip 21 spiral on front of engine, attach red jawbreaker. Cover angled front (cowcatcher) with tip 21 stripes. Ice windows smooth.

Step 2

Cover engine with tip 16 stars. Add two tip 21 zig zag bands over engine and attach candy-coated chocolate dots. Build up icing on roof and attach chocolate licorice cut to fit. Attach cinnamon dots around windows.

Step 3

Position chocolate chip cookie wheels, attach fruit jellies to cookie centers with dots of icing, attach candy sticks. Cut a candy stick to 3 in. and attach at back of engine to connect engine to ice cream car.

Step 4

Pipe tip 1M spiral in ice cream cone. Add sprinkle decorations and red jawbreaker. Push a lollipop stick into train engine and into bottom of cone to hold upright and secure.

Step 5

Decorate Ice Cream Car: Make a candy shell 1/4 in. thick and 1 3/4 in. high using loaf pan and melted candy.

Step 6

Cut a board to fit bottom of car, wrap with foil, attach 2 candy sticks to bottom of car with melted candy then attach sticks to board. Attach candy-coated chocolate dots to centers of sandwich cookies with melted candy; attach cookie wheels to car. Attach garland of candy-coated chocolate dots to sides with melted candy.

Step 7

Immediately before serving, fill car with scoops of ice cream. Pipe tip 1M spirals using stabilized whipped cream. Add sprinkle decorations and marachino cherries. Sprinkle almond brickle bits around cake.