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Checkerboard Pastel Easter Basket Cake

Color heralds the arrival of spring—flowers, green grass and blue skies at last! This Easter, bring spring colors into play with a pastel twist on a classic checkerboard cake. Checkerboard Pastel Easter Basket Cake showcases three colors in one cake for bright, beautiful slices that will delight family and friends. Placed on a simple pedestal cake stand, this cake will surely become the centerpiece of your Easter brunch or dessert table. An elegant Easter basket design adds an extra special touch to the cake and is easily achieved with just a few simple decorating techniques. Just spatula ice the top and sides of the cake, then pipe green icing "grass" around the bottom and accent with purchased egg-shaped icing decorations. If time allows, surround the cake top with a rope border and ice the sides with a basketweave design. Or, if time is at a premium, simplify! Ice the cake smooth with canned icing and decorate with colorful icing decorations.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Prepare each package white cake mix following package instructions using water, oil and egg whites; keep batters separate.

Step 2

Gently stir violet icing color to desired shade into 1 bowl of batter (use clean toothpicks to transfer color from jar to batter); repeat with rose and yellow icing colors and remaining bowls of batter.

Step 3

Place batter dividing ring into first pan; spray pan and ring with vegetable pan spray.

Step 4

Fill each section two-thirds full as follows: violet colored batter in center, yellow colored batter in middle section, rose colored batter in outside section. Gently tap pan on counter; remove ring and wash well.

Step 5

Repeat in second pan, filling center with yellow, middle section with rose and outside section with violet colored batters.

Step 6

Repeat in third pan, filling center with rose, middle section with violet and outside section with yellow colored batters.

Step 7

Bake 30-35 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

Step 8

To decorate: Tint half-cup icing green. Assemble cake layers on foil-wrapped cake board, spreading thin layer of icing between layers. Spatula ice cake with icing.

Step 9

Pipe tip 48 basketweave on sides of cake.

Step 10

Add tip 18 rope border on top cake edge.

Step 11

Pipe green pullout tip 233 grass bottom border; add several "tufts" of green pullout grass on top of cake (optional).

Step 12

Arrange icing decorations randomly in grass at bottom.

Convenient decorating tip: Spatula ice cake top and sides. Add green pullout star tip 18 "grass" to top and bottom borders. Place icing decorations randomly into "grass."