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Catch-A-Prince Kit Candy

This is sure to get them laughing…molded candy treats in a Frog Prince decorated bag are designed to insure the success of future Valentine’s Days!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Use candy colors to tint portions of melted white candy green/yellow combination, yellow, red and pink. Mold candies on non-stick cookie sheet. For frog face, fill bear head cutter 1/8 in. deep with green/yellow candy. For frog crown, outline and pipe in pattern. Mold heart, filling 2nd smallest nesting cutter 1/8 in. deep. Refrigerate candies until firm. Overpipe crown; refrigerate until firm. Mold crown and ring in candy mold using piping method; refrigerate until firm. Outline crown and attach mini chocolates to crown points; let set. On face, pipe outline mouth and dot eyes and pupils; attach crown to back. Outline and print message on heart; let set.

Step 2

Write message on box with marker. Cut a 1 1/2 x 3/4 in. gift tag from cardstock; punch hole and write message. Attach heart confetti with glue. Fill sachet bag with confetti sprinkles and thread gift tag on ribbon; tie bag. Cut prince crown using pattern and gold foil. Attach around groomsman's head with glue. Attach frog and candy hearts to box with melted candy; let set. Place sachet and candies in box.