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Castle of the Animals Cake

Playfully play the angles by constructing a castle from cake and cookies. Stack a 3-layer 8 in. Square Pancake, a 1-layer 12 in. Hexagon Pan cake and a 2-layer 6-inch Round Pan cake to create the foundation and add cookie towers shaped with our patterns.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult



Step 1

Snow White Buttercream is recommended for its ability to set without breaking for easier handling of cookies.

Step 2

Bake and decorate cookies at least 1 day ahead of time. Roll out cookie dough. Using patterns, trace and cut out one left side and one right side Castle Tower and six Dormer Roof Pieces. Bake and cool.

Step 3

Ice tower cookies smooth, ice window area in black. Pipe tip 47 ridged side bands for window sills, at top tower edges, and on sides of roof pieces.

Step 4

Cover triangular tower tops with tip 16 stars. Outline window areas with tip 6 strings. Attach roof pieces with icing and edge with tip 4 beads.

Step 5

Figure pipe birds using tips 2 and 6. Use Snow White buttercream icing. Hold bag at 90° angle and pipe tip 6 bead body and head. Add tip 2 pull-out feathers and beak, tip 2 dot eyes. Let dry.

Step 6

Ice 3-layer 8 in. square cake smooth and prepare for stacked construction. Imprint Elephant, Rocking Horse, Duck and Teddy Bear Cookie Cutters on cake sides. Pipe tip 3 outline around imprints, fill in with tip 16 stars.

Step 7

Pipe tip 1D bands around each side of cake. Pipe tip 4 beads on inner edge of bands; pipe tip 6 bead border Attach candy discs in each corner with icing.

Step 8

Ice 1-layer hexagon cake smooth and prepare for stacked construction. Mark Hexagon Side Pattern on five of six sides. Pipe alternating tip 3 and tip 6 vertical lines on cake sides.

Step 9

Trim design with tip 4 beads and add tip 6 bead bottom border. Write tip 6 message, overpipe with tip 3.

Step 10

Ice 2-layer 6 in. round cake smooth. Pipe tip 47 ridged side vertical bands around cake approximately 3/4 in. apart. Pipe tip 2B top and bottom band border. Add tip 2 beads on sides of bands, tip 2 dots between bands. Pipe tip 3 string track on cake top. Add tip 3 bead border to cake top; pipe tip 3 ball above vertical bands.

Step 11

Pipe tip 6 stones around tunnel entry and tip 6 double bead border on sides of castle towers.

Step 12

Attach castle towers with dowel rods supporting from behind. Position train and bears.