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Carousel Horse Cake

Give a youngster (and her guests!) the ride of her life. Prettily ice a pair of Oval Pan Set cakes to fashion a fancy foundation for a candy-plaque horse shaped in our Rocking Horse Pan.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

One day in advance, make rocking horse candy plaque. Using aluminum foil, make a barrier to prevent melted candy from seeping into rocker area of pan. Pour 12 oz. melted candy into prepared pan and refrigerate until set. Trim edges as necessary. Using royal icing, make 89 tip 102 violet rose with tip 6 centers, completing just row 1 and 2. Make 40 tip 104 full roses with tip 12 centers. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry. Using royal icing, decorate candy plaque. Pipe tip 3 string eyes and mouth; tip 3 dot nose. Pipe tip 5 bridle, hoofs and saddle; pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Add tip 5 number, tip 18 string hair. Make a rosette ring: on waxed paper, pipe tip 18 rosette. Dip end of plastic dowel rod in cornstarch and into enter of rosette. Remove rod and clear icing from center. Let rosette ring dry. Cut a 20 in. length of curling ribbon and wrap it around a plastic dowel rod, securing ends with transparent tape.

Step 2

Bake 3 in. high oval layers and prepare for stacked construction. Using tip 5, pipe message on top tier. From either side of message, mark cake into equal 3 in. sections using garland marker, positioning bottom of garland 1 3/4 in. from bottom edge of cake. Repeat for bottom tier, dividing into 12ths. Pipe tip 16 zigzag garlands at marks. Add small roses to garland points. Pipe tip 5 bead bottom borders Position large roses at bottom border of large tier; add tip 352 leaves. Position small roses at bottom border of small tier.

Step 3

Attach candy plaque to plastic dowel rod using reserved 2 oz. melted candy, allowing 5 1/2 in. to extend at bottom. Let set. Insert a sharpened wooden dowel rod through cakes and cake board down to base board. Position rosette ring in center of hole. Thread candy plaque on dowel rod over wooden rod and through rosette ring. Plastic dowel rod will rest on cake board of small cake. Attach gumball to top of plastic dowel rod with royal icing. Attach small roses to cover gumball.