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Candy Tree and Treats

Here’s the ideal holiday centerpiece! Our Candy Tree and Treats is a festive way to serve a little something sweet. Mold the tree using Wilton Candy Melts poured in a tree cookie cutter on a non-stick pan.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Place cutter on a non-stick cookie sheet.

Step 2

Mold 3 candy trees by pouring melted Candy Melts 1/4 in. deep into cutter; refrigerate to set.

Step 3

Also mold desired number of candy gifts and star for treetop using molds and melted Candy Melts; refrigerate to set.

Step 4

When trees are set, cut 2 in half and attach to the whole tree to create the sectioned look.

Step 5

Decorate tree with dots of melted candy in a cut parchment bag.

Step 6

Attach candy star with melted candy.

Step 7

Position candy gifts around tree.