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Candy Retreat Gingerbread House

Your eyes can’t help but light up with just one look at this colorful candy retreat. It’s pre-baked, pre-assembled and ready for your decorating touches. What a wonder family memory in the making!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



1 gingerbread house.



Step 1

Divide prepared decorating icing in half, use half for decorating house, the other half for adding "snow" around house (keep remaining half covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with icing.

Step 3

Create windows with outlines. Decorate curtains. Cut mini jellies in half horizontally and attach to window frame with icing. Cut fruit jelly rounds in half and attach for windowsills.

Step 4

Create door with outlines and cover vertical lines. Cut mini jellies in half horizontally and attach to door frame with icing. Roll 1/2 mini jelly flat in granulated sugar; cut to window size and attach to door with icing. Decorate dot for doorknob.

Step 5

Decorate zigzags on side seams of house.

Step 6

Decorate scallop lines on roof and cover with mini fruit-flavored candies. Decorate dots between scalloped lines on roof. Decorate zigzags on roof peak and attach fruit jelly rounds; cut mini jellies in half and attach to tops of jelly rounds with icing.

Step 7

Using a spatula, ice snow on base fluffy and sprinkle with shredded coconut. Cut fruit jelly rounds in half and attach to base for fence. Attach mini fruit-flavored candies along sides of walkway.

NOTE: Additional candy may be required.