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Candy-Gobbling Goblin Candy Treats

This is one bounteous beasty! Create a fiendish-faced, candy-holding shell using our Mini Ball Pan, the mouth mold from our Halloween Candy Kit Mega Pack, and our 3-D Eyeball Candy Mold. Yikes!

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance Make two 1/4 in. thick green candy shells using Mini Ball Pan.

Also: Make candies. Mold eyes and mouth using Piping Method, filling mouth only halfway full.

Step 2

For ears, place medium Leaf Cut-Out on nonstick sheet pan and fill 1/8 in. deep with green candy; chill until firm. Turn over Cut-Out and repeat for other ear. Attach features to top shell with melted candy. Cut 3 in. pieces of licorice for hair; attach with melted candy. Fill bottom shell with candy. Position top.