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Candy Cottage Gingerbread House

This pre-baked, pre-assembled house is ready for busy little hands to decorate it. Everything is included to make this an enchanted cottage. Gum drops, green leaves and mini jelly rounds add to this fantasy get away.


Difficulty: Medium



1 gingerbread house.



Step 1

Divide prepared decorating icing in half, use half for decorating the house, the other half for adding "snow" around house (keep remaining half covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with icing.

Step 3

Using a rolling pin, flatten mini spice drops. Cut into rectangles for windows and square for door window. Attach with dots of icing. Outline windows and door. Decorate around windows and door with scrolls and dots.

Step 4

Decorate roof with zigzag garland. Cut mini spice drops in half and attach to garland divisions.

Step 5

Attach mini fruit-flavored candies on roof peak and edges, above windows and on front of house above door. Cut mini spice drops in half and attach under windows.

Step 6

Using a spatula, ice snow on base fluffy. Attach tree and snowman icing decorations.

NOTE: Additional candy may be required.