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Candy Castle Cake

Fashion a fairytale fortress around a tiered cake. Our Romantic Castle Cake Set supplies reusable architectural pieces—including towers, windows and doors—that can be decorated with icing or melted candy.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth in thinned buttercream. Prepare cakes for stacked construction and position on base board.

Step 2

For towers being inserted into cake, attach dowel rods, cut 1 in. shorter than height of tier, to bottoms of 3 small and 4 medium turret towers using melted candy.

Step 3

Insert window and door pieces in cake sides. Position main roof piece.

Step 4

Position spice drops around top borders of both cakes and jelly fruit candies around bottom border of 6 in. cake.

Step 5

Insert 4 medium towers in 10 in. cake and 3 small towers in 6 in. cake. Attach 4 large towers to sides of cake and board with buttercream.

Step 6

Ice turret peaks smooth in blue or green; sprinkle with matching color sugar. Attach turret peaks to towers with buttercream. Attach a spice drop to top of each peak.

Step 7

Outline around tower windows, door, window and main roof pieces with tip 3 in buttercream.

Step 8

With royal icing, attach large candy-coated chocolates around door and main roof; attach mini candy-coated chocolates around all windows.

Step 9

Cut spearmint leaves lengthwise in half; cut each piece in half to make 4 thin leaves.

Step 10

Dip leaves in granulated sugar; attach to base of cake with royal icing.

*Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown.