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Camp Birthday Fun Cake

Not just for birthdays, this rugged confection will whet explorers’ appetites for warm-weather adventures. Use royal icing to create a campsite and campers atop an Oval Pan cake. Serve it whenever a camping trip is on tap.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice top and sides smooth.

Step 2

To make deep green shade for the trees, combine Kelly Green and Royal Blue Icing Colors.

Step 3

Make trees of royal icing using sugar cones and tip 352 for leaves/branches, tip 13 for pine cones. Let dry.

Step 4

To make campers: Combine Brown and Golden Yellow icing colors for sleeping bag color.

Step 5

Figure pipe 5 campers in sleeping bags, using royal icing and tips 403, 6, 12, 1 and 2. Let dry. Position on cake top.

Step 6

With royal icing, figure pipe dog using tips 6, 4, and 1. Let dry. Position on cake top.

Step 7

Position trees on cake top.

Step 8

To make bushes: Use tip 12 to build icing base, then add tip 233 pull-out grass or tip 13 pull-out stars.

Step 9

Pipe bushes on cake top around trees and randomly around cake base.

Step 10

Pipe tip 12 spatula-striped stones to cake top and base borders in random sizes.

Step 11

Add tip 6 snakes with tip 1 eyes.

Step 12

Print tip 1 message on pick, position on cake top.

Step 13

Position pretzel sticks for firewood. Using spatula stripping and tip 68, add campfire to cake top.