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Buzzin' By Mini Cake

No-sting bumblebees pack a playful punch. Create a so-sweet swarm, using Mini Egg Pan cakes that you’ve dressed up with fondant wings, stripes, and stinger.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Ice cakes smooth. The wide end of egg cake will be the front. /p>

Step 2

Tint portions of fondant yellow (combine lemon yellow and golden yellow) and black.

Step 3

Reserve a portion of white. Cover front third of cake with yellow fondant.

Step 4

Cut 2 strips of black fondant and 2 strips of yellow fondant, each 1/2 in. wide.

Step 5

Position on cake, alternating colors. Cover remaining area of cake with black fondant.

Step 6

For stinger, roll black fondant into a 3/4 in. long cone and attach with damp brush.

Step 7

Cut wing using white fondant and large heart Cut-Out; trim 1 in. off pointed end.

Step 8

Imprint dotted lines using ridged wheel from Embosser.

Step 9

Attach wing to cake with damp brush.

Step 10

For eye, roll a small ball of white fondant,