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Buttercup Cupcake

It’s a breeze to brighten any cupcake with Sugar Sheets! We’ve planted a sunny yellow blossom on a field of green stripes. Mix it up with the variety of dazzling Sugar Sheets! colors and patterns.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes. Ice the tops smooth in white buttercream icing.

Step 2

Use the largest Circles Cutting Insert and Green Stripes Sugar Sheets! to cut the background. Position on cupcake top with piping gel.

Step 3

Use the Flower Cutting Insert and Light Pink Sugar Sheets! to cut the flower.

Step 4

Use the wide end of tip 2A and Bright Yellow Sugar Sheets! to cut the flower center. Brush back with piping gel and attach to flower.

Step 5

Pipe a tip 2A dot of buttercream icing on green striped background. Attach flower to cupcake.