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Buoy o' Buoy Cake

Set sail for a fun-filled birthday. Transform a 9 in. x 13 in. Sheet Pan cake into a wavy sea and build an ark from a Mini Loaf Pan cake and 3-D Egg Pan cake. Add figure-piped creatures and pretzel-stick giraffes to complete the scene.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Out of cookie dough, cute couple and two 2 3/4 x 4 1/2 inch roof panels. Bake and cool. Pipe tip 2 outfits, hair and facial features. Ice roof panel smooth. For giraffes: attach gumdrop face to pretzel rod with dots of royal icing. Let dry. Ice smooth with royal icing. Trim with tip 4 dots and add tip 2 facial features. For lions and elephants: with royal icing, figure pipe tip 2, 12, and 16 lion heads and tip 12 and 2 elephants (trunks will be piped later on cake). For birds: push gumdrop triangle wings onto gumdrop and add tip 2 faces.

Step 2

Ice sheet cake smooth; top blue, sides white. Pipe tip 104 drape waves. Print tip 3 message on cake top.

Step 3

Ice top half of egg cake and little loafer (cabin) cake smooth on cake circles cut to fit. Position cabin cake. Cover sides, then edge top of ark with tip 48 ribbed stripes. Pipe tip 12 elongated shell bow and stern trim. Edge cabin base and ark top with tip 3 bead border.

Step 4

Cut and position dowel rods and push into ocean cake where ark will go. Position ark. Mound icing on cabin and position cookie roof. Trim roof with tip 2 scallops and beads. Push giraffes and attach lions, elephants, cookies and birds to ark. Pipe tip 12 elephant trunks on ark.