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Bunny's House Cake

Little ones will hop with joy when they find this cute candy-coated bunny hutch! And you’ll find that making it is fun and easy.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool egg cakes, trim off bottom edge so eggs will stand. Tint portions of melted candy pink, violet and yellow using candy colors. Lay cakes flat side down on cooling grid and cover with melted candy. Let set. Using cut parchment bags and melted candy, outline windows and door. Fill in; let set. Pipe in window and doorknob; add flowers.

Step 2

Make patterns for roof and base. For roof, mark 1 x 2 in. rectangle on parchment paper. Tape to cardboard and cover with waxed paper. Fill in outline with melted candy, chill till set.

Step 3

For base, place medium round cookie cutter on cookie sheet, fill 1/8 in. thick with melted candy; chill till set. Remove from cutter. Attach house to base with a small amount of melted candy. Attach roof to house with a small amount of melted candy. Pipe a line of candy on roof peak.