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Bunny in a Basket Mini Cake

This definitely takes the cake this Easter! We take pound cake and shape it using the Mini Bunny/Basket Silicone Mold, then candy coat it for an irresistible treat.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Bake pound cake recipe in Mini Basket Silicone Mold, supported on cookie sheet. Cool. Use knife to gently shave off the egg in the basket so that the background in smooth.

Step 2

Melt candy and use spatula to ice candy on back of cake; refrigerate until set. Place cake on cooling grid with basket side facing up. Using melted candy in cut disposable bag, pipe zigzag handle on basket beginning on center of handle. Do not allow candy to go into the background. Pipe remainder of cake with melted candy in cut disposable decorating bag. Tap cooling grid to have candy cover evenly. Use knife to remove any candy that falls into the background; let set. Repeat same process for second coat.

Step 3

With tip 3 and blue icing, outline and pipe-in background area (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Use tip 7 and white icing to pipe round head, ears and arms (smooth slightly with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 3 fingers with white icing and pipe tip 3 inside of ears with rose icing. Use icing to pipe tip 2 brown dot eyes and outline mouth and rose dot nose. Use tip 3 and white icing to pipe basketweave and zigzags along rim. Pipe tip 3 rope handle. Pipe tip 2 green icing pull-out grass and add eggs from sprinkle decoration mix.