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Bunny and Bouquets Mini Cakes


Step 1

In advance: Make candy bunny. Tint 1 oz. candy pink; melt 1 oz. light cocoa. Fill in eye and nose of pan (reserve excess pink); chill until firm.

Step 2

Use 3 pks. white candy to make candy shell in both halves of pan. Chill until firm; unmold. Use reserved pink candy in cut parchment bag to outline and fill in ear.

Step 3

Attach halves with melted candy. Slide bunny across warming tray to smooth bottom so bunny will stand. Attach bunny to wrapped cake board cut-to-fit, with melted candy.

Step 4

Bake and cool 1 1/2 in. high cake using firm-textured batter such as pound cake. Cut 12 rounds using largest Cut-Out. Cover with melted candy tinted green. Let set. Repeat if necessary for smooth finish. Let set.

Step 5

Use candy to attach cakes to wrapped, cut-to-fit boards, 1/2 in. wider than cakes. Divide cakes into 8ths.

Step 6

Pipe tip 47 vertical lines. Pipe tip 3 pull-out grass. Attach icing flowers and leaves to cakes with dots of icing.

Step 7

Position bunny on pedestal and surround with additional flowers and leaves. Position cakes.